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CELEBRITY HOTPOT combines traditional hotpot style with a fun, modern hotpot concept. When you smell and taste your food you will know that we only use the finest ingredients.

Whether it’s brunch with friends, a business power lunch with colleagues, evening dinner with family or late night after the club we are here with good food and a welcoming atmosphere. Our menu has a wide range of ingredients for meat lovers to vegan, the combinations are endless!

CELEBRITY HOTPOT 合了 的火 格和一个有趣的 代火 概念。当你 到和品 你的食物 ,你会知道
我 只使用最好的成分。

无 是与朋友早午餐,与同事的商 午餐,家庭晚餐晚餐, 有我 在 里的俱 部之后的深夜
良好的食物和 迎的气氛。我 的菜 有各种各 的成分 肉类 好者素食主 者,合是无止境的!

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It really depends on what you want to eat, order what you like, apart from chicken wings most items on the menu take about 2 minutes to cook, as a general rule of thumb (apart from chicken wings) if it’s floating it is cooked. The key is to have fun. Our servers will guide you through the ordering process and make your first HotPot experience memorable and fun.


It depends how hungry you are, Lunch specials (a Business lunch) would cost between $11-$13, and all-you-can-eat lunch would cost less than $25.


Yes, Celebrity HotPot offers many meat alternatives. There are gluten products plus a vast array of vegetable options to choose and the veggie dumplings are a customer favourite!


Some of our noodles have gluten, please let your server know that you would like Gluten-Free options

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